Marching Ahead of the World, and Emerging as a Leader in Innovative Technology and Its Implementation – Dubai, A City of Disruption, Knowledge, and Research is Looking for Answers Now to Challenges 10 Years in the Future.

In line with His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for Dubai, Dubai 10 X envisions a Dubai that is ahead of the world by 10 years.

Dubai 10 X

A Holistic Growth that Enables Citizens Fulfilment Through Restructuring the Functions of Dubai’s Government Entities to Position Dubai 10 Years Ahead of All Other Cities

Exploiting Disruptive Innovation Across Dubai’s Government

Each Dubai Government entity sets up an “X-Unit” dedicated to research and development to find ‘disrupting’ solutions for the organisation. Such solutions enable an increase in function and productivity by means of restructuring existing systems, including organisational structures and hierarchies within the organization.

Partnering with and Facilitating Disruptive Solutions

With the aim of radically enhancing offerings and services, the government restructures the regulations and methodologies to allow all government entities to work with innovative companies and start-ups specialising in the development and implementation of the latest disruptive technologies to improve their services and help the citizens of Dubai lead a happier life.





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